16 September, 2009

Finally, some art!

Okay, well, there's really no excuse for not having scanned these sooner. They've been sitting in my sketchbook for more then a month. They're character studies for a few of the main characters from my up and coming webcomic, Into The Orchard (or just Orchard).

Forgive the quick-fix colouring effect. The colours used are each character's "colour schemes", coordinating mostly to their personalities.

This is Tabby, the Main Character (as of now he has no last name). In short Tabby is, to coin a term a good friend of mine used, "mono-polar". Basically what that means is he lacks the capacity to be anything other then upbeat, even when he's upset. That's not to say he's unjustly optimistic; he's pretty realistic (if not often childishly so) and has a serious side that makes him a good leader.


Salvador (Sal) Moralez, sort of a resident loner. He doesn't have too much a memory for his time before living with Tabby and Burman (Tabby's father), and treasures his home life immensely. Though he's mute (for now) that's never really been a big disability. He has no problem speaking his mind or getting his point across. Sal is exceedingly expressive and probably the most honest of the characters in this story Despite him looking uncharacteristically sad here, he's not a sad person at all.


This girl, whose name I haven't decided on (somewhere between Emily and Alexis), is probably my favourite character right now. She takes herself very seriously, is smarter then she wants you to believe, and knows much more about everything then she's willing to let on. She's a little cold-hearted, but she doesn't like distancing herself from other people and takes great pride in the fact that she has more friends then she can keep track of.