27 July, 2009

Artists I'm In Love With

Well, in light of recent events I haven't been doing much in the ways of art. Grieving takes a lot out of you, believe me. However, my free time has been spent researching, reading and plotting about my next project - a comic series! I've discussed it here in the past, and as the project progresses I'm sure there will be tons more!

However I don't know when I'll be posting artwork here again. Hopefully soon, but I'll be traveling a lot and wont' have much access to scanners for a while. :)

Considering these two factors, I figured I'd update about, well, something. Just so you know I'm alive and that I'm watching you. Aaaalways watching.

This time it's artists I'm in love with! They're probably much less known to some of you, others of you have heard me gush about them before. Or are awesome enough to know them for their own merits!

First is Sumomo Yumeka. I love her comics. Something about the pacing is totally admirable and is definitely something I strive for in my own work. She's especially good at slowing down a moment and making the reader really feel for a character in a story that's only 10 pages long! I feel connected to all of her works. "Sumomo Yumeka" is the alias she uses when she does BL stories, though she has several other aliases and isn't limited to one genre. Though if you don't know what "BL" is, you may want to pass on looking her up.

Suzuki Tsuta, another BL comic artist. Her way of drawing is so organic, I just love it! All of her characters feel so animated and lifelike. She's a little limited in terms of subject matter and composition (in my opinion at least) but makes up for it with her adorable characters and wonderful style! She's a recent influence and I'm sure you'll see some of it come through in some of my work.

Lois van Baarle, arguably my favourite illustrator. My favourite thing about her work is her colour palette. No other artist really renders the way she does in the colours she uses. Every single piece of work she does is interesting to look at even if at first glance it may seem like an ordinary portrait. She's one of the biggest inspirations for me and I definitely recommend looking at her work!

Tracy J. Butler, illustrator and comic artist. I've been following her work for almost 12 years now. She was one of the artists who made me want to draw and made me want to write stories! I'm still impressed by the work she did 12 years ago in the media she used, and it should go without saying that I'm impressed by her current work. I'm so happy to see her be so successful, but also a little sad! Only because I like having niche artists to admire. :)

I think that's it for this installment! Next time I'll have some male artists to show you. Promise!