28 June, 2009


I've been offering $10 commissions lately, and this is the first one of them. The character is based off the Pokemon Gorebyss. I think the design is really cute, and I ended up having a lot of fun drawing this.

I swear to god I've been drawing, really!

17 June, 2009

Sora + Zack = Inevitble Chaos

What is that you saaayyyy? Fanart, from me? Odd. Anyway, this is a textless panel from the beginning of a short "chaos will ensue" KH/FF7:CC crossover comic. Non-shippy. I'm really having fun drawing this, which is odd for fanart. Usually I prefer drawing my characters, but I love Kingdom Hearts, and everyone loves Zack. So I guess it works out well enough. Honestly I don't think Zack has a domestic bone in his body but it's fun anyway.

Though this is the style my next project will be drawn in, so I guess this is also practice for that. I'm sure no one can tell but me (especially with this panel), but it's actually much looser then the way I normally draw.

Well, this is just something to show that I'm not actually dead. D:

01 June, 2009

Liese Moralez

Sorry for the radio silence, haha. Lots have been going on in my life that have detracted from me uploading all the work I've done. I'll be starting a series of prompts through the month of June, but they won't be posted here.

This is the beginning of character designs for an eventual webcomic, tentatively called "Orchard". This character is named Liese Moralez (first name pronounced lee-say). It may not look it seeing as I just decided this a few hours ago (and this picture is about a week old), but she and her brother are half Colombian, half Chinese. She's the "love-interest" character and was probably the easiest to design.

The younger vignette is of her at about 7 or 8, when the style was to wear your hair in a side ponytail. Obviously when she's older she dyed her hair. Her personality hasn't changed, though, and she's much nicer looking in these two drawings then she actually is. She's a very flat, shallow character, but they're fun to evolve. :) And boy, does she change.

Dramatically. *jazz hands*