16 April, 2009

Children's Bedding

A change of pace from my months of uploading senior project! An assignment with our product design class to create a partial set of children's bedding. This is the version I'm using for portfolio day tomorrow. I'll probably touch it up before class on Monday.

And because it's hard to see the icons used in the pattern, here's a close-up.

12 April, 2009

Chapter 5: East and West Grannigar

This kind of situation is pretty often reoccurring. The Captain gets it in his mind to go off and find a certain treasure then forces his crew to do all the work while he stands there looking stoic or contemplative. Of course, the younger mates end up, you know, not doing anything. So basically just Anne and Heights do the work. And get sunburned by the look of it.

Kurori is back on the ship (first mate duties and all), Oren is anti-social, and Rook is probably off getting into trouble. Anne, being the only real confrontational person aboard the Cercyon, often ends up lecturing Nathan when this kind of thing happens. She's been venturing with him for 12 years. It has yet to sink in.

I noticed a lot of similarities between this illustration and this one from early production. I don't really mind similarities, especially since the older piece isn't "official art", and it just means that the personalities are solid enough.

Chapter 15: Cercyon

A longstanding grudge between Nathan Redgoose, our absent-minded captain, and Lysander Rush, East Grannigar's top general, escalates as New Tuesday burns. Looks like Nathan is in trouble...

I'm happy with the effects that happen in this illustration, though the composition is a little bare. Hopefully that will be remedied when I finish all the graphic design. :)

06 April, 2009

Last Spot Illustration

There are 16 total for the entire project, but I'm not going to upload them all here. They'll be available on my website eventually. Incidentally, this one is also the last in the book, and is arguably my favourite.

05 April, 2009

Some More Spots

A few more spots from the project! Ah, of course, I still use the term "spot illustration" quite lightly. These are meant to be half-page illustrations at the very least. Some would take up more space then others. :)

(Above) The crew of The Cercyon from left to right: Heights (top), Simon, Anne, Rook, Nathan, Lucas, Kurori.

(Above) The door to The Four Whiskers, a rather mysterious tavern that Tanner and his friends return to often throughout the story.

(Above) The Mera queen giving Tanner and Oren a treasure they'd been looking for. In case you were wondering, the Mera queen is a mandarin fish.