29 March, 2009

Chapter 6: The Mera King

Oren was actually a member of the 1st School, but due to circumstance he was unable to retain his post. As a result he had his rank markings tattooed over as a solid band on his upper arm, and was doomed to a fate not unlike that of an outcast. That doesn't mean he's a pushover, though, and goes back to the Mera cities whenever he needs to. Oren is a red-tailed shark.

How is Tanner breathing underwater? Well, the reason that's given within this story is explained as unique skills the Mera can pass along to others at their whim, and that's the only explanation you get for now. :)

I'm not sure how I feel about this illustration, so if you have any comments or critiques, I'd be happy to hear them!

Chapter 7: A Dark Tomorrow

Due to certain spoilery reasons, Tanner and Oren had to flee from the Mera city of Nortemps. They were aided by Farren, a rather grumpy octopus, and Eria, Oren's wife. Despite the rather negative outcome of their visit to Nortemps, Eria will always have a reassuring smile for her husband, even when saying goodbye.

Eria is an eastern blue devil fish, while Farren is an easern pacific red octopus. They're placed in the military based on the type of animal they are; certain species have certain skills. Eria is from the 5th school, Farren from the 1st school. He also has tattoos on both his arms, but it's covered up by his cape in this illustration.

Actually, way too much thought went into the practicality of mermaids and underwater warfare. Honestly I'd be happy never to think of it again. I'm really pleased with how Eria's tail came out, but it's hard to see details under the water. I'll talk more about Oren in a later post.

17 March, 2009

The Captain

Nathan! I was reworking a sketch to give him a more dynamic pose, but I'm not sure whether or not I'm going to use this one. I liked the way this came out anyway so I figured I'd upload it.

Music that makes me think of him (and the whole project in general) - "Wings" by Yoko Kanno, "Sky Ferry" by Alexandre Desplant, "The Orange Tree" by Philip Glass, "Sons and Daughters" by The Decemberists, "Alchemy" by Johnny Hollow, and "Dim Allentown Cove" by Humanwine. If you get a chance to listen to these songs in better quality, I reccomend it!

16 March, 2009

Chapter 9: To Turrodel

Having been more or less given the furnace room of the Cercyon to his choice in maitinance, Tanner was quite annoyed to find Marni stowed away amidst his supplies. Since he more or less owed her his life, he kept her secret and began sneaking her food. During their lunches, Marni would tell him stories about her country, and they grow to be fast friends.

This illustration is just about as finished as the last. If I can get most of them to this point I'll be happy. I also realized that the colours got really washed out making the switch from CMYK to RBG, but them's the breaks.

Fun facts! This one took me less time then the other one did for some inexplicable reason. It was also done without the grunge at first, but for as cleanly as twelve-year-old Tanner is, he's not good enough to get all the mess off a 20 year old ship. Especially when that ship belongs to Nathan...

15 March, 2009

"Spot" Illustrations

A few spots from the project. I call them spot illustrations, but technically they'll take up about half the page.

From chapter 1. Jettie, Tanner's [young and weird] grandmother and her butler, Rufus. There's a reason why Rufus is so young, but you don't find out until the second or third book. Not the story my senior project encompasses. Also, yeah. Jettie is a weirdo (at least to Tanner), but she's so much fun to write! :)

From chapter 2. The mysterious library door Jettie usually keeps hidden beneath those curtains. She left it open, though, which of course invites trouble.

From chapter 5. Oren, the merman character, poking his head out from the water. Tanner is really creeped out by him at first, being that he is not a terrible fan of the ocean.

More to come!

12 March, 2009

Chapter 2: The Forever Library

Thus begins my slow but inevitable posting of my entire senior project.

First up is Tanner messing around at his grandmother's house.

Fun facts! The file for this is over a gig, is 32 layers, and it took me roughly 20 hours over the span of 3 days. Pretty short amount of time all things considered!

This one is at about 89% done. I need to add some detail to the border as well as the text for the chapter, so I'll probably post this again when it's done. I'm just excited to upload my first "finished" (non-half spread) illustration for this project. :)

That being said, any comments or critiques are welcome! I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts. This blog should be open for non-members to comment.

10 March, 2009

Baby shower invitation

Wow, it's been a while since I uploaded stuff. I've been busy with senior project, to no real surprise. I still need to take photos from my apparel project - it came out great! I just lack access to a decent camera right now.

In the meantime, have some bunnies! The invitation is for a baby shower, but it can be used for anything, really.