21 February, 2009


For a 15-25 year old girl who is interested in the sport of skateboarding, but is not really into it, and who wants to keep her sense of femininity.

Middle detail.

Top detail.

It still needs a little touching-up, but overall I'm really happy with it. :)

20 February, 2009

Costume site is up and running!

Hello! I'm sorry this post is lacking artwork (some tomorrow, I promise), but I felt I'd share the link to my costuming website. Within the next couple of months I hope to add two more costumes to the repertoire, assuming I can find time between working on my senior project. I'll most likely be adding a casual clothing (non-costume) section as well. Right now it's rather bare, for which I apologize.

Regardless, you should all take a look at it here! Make sure to let me know if anything isn't loading right. Right now I'm not taking orders for anything due to overload in work schedule, but I'll be taking pre-orders beginning on April 1st, and will start production of orders mid-May. I hope to do business with you in the future. :)

03 February, 2009

Uhm, main characters of..?

Oh man, this project seriously needs a title.

Well anyway, this is another thing that's been sitting around from back in December. It features most of the characters of my senior project (missing main characters are Kurori, Jettie and Lysander, but they didn't fit).

I figure I'd use this mostly as a base colour guide while working on the project, but some colours may change in the future. :P There are a lot of missing details, I realized as I was working on this, such as Rook's scarf and multiple "rank wings" on characters' jackets... But if I'm the only one that notices (and cares) then I guess it's not a big deal. :P

This is printed out and hanging in my studio, much as the character sheets I did last semester. My studio walls are almost covered already, all with stuff for this project. I guess that's not bad, I have plenty of references to look at!