29 January, 2009

Children of New Wednesday.

Ohh, this one has been sitting around for a while but I'm probably not going to finish it. I like where it is right now, at least, and I need to do other stuff. It's the very beginning of an effort to push my default style away from anime.

Top to bottom - Anne, Nathan and Lysander as teenagers, probably right before Anne and Lysander get married. I like drawing them as kids. :) New Wednesday is the town where they grew up. This was a fun character study!

17 January, 2009

Manna sketch

This has been sitting on my hard drive for a month or so, but I didn't take my tablet home with me this time and thus didn't work on it at all. Oh Manna. I used to draw her all the time, now if I draw her once every three months it's lucky. No one draws her anymore, haha. That doesn't matter to me, though. She's one of my earliest and certainly most dear characters. Even if she no longer has a plot or purpose, she's still adorable and probably my favourite to draw. :)

Speed paint; 1.5 hours. Exercise in digital techniques and drawing stylized animals.

15 January, 2009

Snowy hugs

Over the next few days I'll be posting some stuff up from winter break. :) Enjoy!

Well, I wanted to draw something sweet. And I wanted to draw Wyatt. ....Unfortunately the two don't really go well together, hahaha, but I guess he's allowed to have sweet moments too. This was an exercise in black and white drawings, thin lines, and character interaction. I don't know if I'd classify it as a success, what with the poor anatomy/nonexistent gravity and all, but it was fun to draw regardless. :)

Adelle and Wyatt have a very passionate, tolerable love. I don't think I'd ever classify it as "sweet", more.. violent and comfortable. But I don't know a couple that doesn't get cutsey like this at least once. Maybe this is their 'one', haha. I also really love drawing them in non-canon clothing! I wonder why...

09 January, 2009

Links To Love

Alright my friends, I know a number of you are big D.I.Y. people, or at the very least have a [not-so] secret desire to make your own clothing. In that case, head over to Threadbanger for a lot of awesome tutorials and photo archives. If their D.I.Y. episodes can't help they'll at least point you in the right direction. Threadbanger has a lot of steampunk tutorials as well, so if you are - like me - interested in that scene, go enjoy!

If you haven't been following Cakewrecks, you really must. Much like Failblog, it has a really horrific display of cake-baking mishaps that will have you either laughing or recoiling in horror. It's not all bad, though, as every Sunday promises an array of more-beautiful-then-you-can-imagine cakes.

Coilhouse Magazine has a web blog with a lot of off-beat imagery and going-ons. I have yet to find an article that isn't unbelievably interesting... or really, really odd at any rate. And if the off-beat thing isn't your scene, they at least have a lot of fantastic images that will inevitably serve as inspiration.

05 January, 2009

Not art, but some cool stuff anyway.

Sorry that I've been lacking in posts. I have a number of things to post, but unfortunately will not be able to do so until I make friends with a scanner. In the mean time I felt I'd share some of the non-art discoveries I've made lately.

Most of the time spent away from the computer - a rather good amount actually - has been to work on my senior project. It has a bit of a steampunk-y feel to it, which you may or may not be able to tell from the two posts prior to this. It's fine if you don't, though, since those are the basis for the future steampunk awesome and not the actual style that'll be used.

While working on the project I was listening to the musical compilation "An Age Remembered", which is available for free at Post-Punk (along with a number of other awesome compilations). A good number of those songs serve as inspiration to the mood that the story takes on.

That compilation lead me to both the soundtracks from The Illusionist, The Golden Compass and Laputa: Castle In The Sky - all of which I've heard in the past, but never applied to the theme of my own work. Maybe it doesn't come out so much to others but a lot of this music - especially the more energetic/action based ones - serves as huge inspiration for the story and my direction in the art.

I'm a super visual person and never see illustrations in my head statically. The story I'm using for my senior project plays out like a movie behind my eyes, and various songs from that are definitely good soundtracks to the story I want to tell. One of these days I'll actually make a compilation available to download. ^^'

But my musical adventure does not end there. Due to my awesome friend Ali, I've been introduced to the cello work of Zoe Keating. A lot of her work is on youtube, so you should definitely look her up. I put her music on when I need something to zone out to, but don't want to put up with the distracting beats of techno. Her work is trancy and enticing, and definitely worth every bit of money you will inevitably have to pay to listen to her.

Another awesome artist/comedian also introduced to me by Ali would be Tim Minchin. Words do not do justice to how amused I am by his work but you should look him up on youtube as well. Do it!

I'll eventually be commissioning these fine folks for a tavern sign for The Four Whiskers. Their work is amazing, and you should totally go check it out!

Another really fantastic supply store for old-fashioned thread craft is Reconstructing History. They have a really wide range of historical patterns for relatively good prices, and a lot of old style notions, lace and ropes. Excellent if you're sewing a period piece or if you want a good pattern to make alterations to.

And one more awesome clothes-based site would be Urban Originals. Another site that Ali showed me, this one has some amazing boots for really low prices. Cheap, blank boots can easily - and guilt free - be modified into something steampunk or lolita, or any sort of period-style shoe. Much, much better then spending $200 on them. :P There are also some pre-made designs on there that could serve as awesome boots, also for very low prices. If you're ever doing costuming, check that out for sure!