08 December, 2008

Colonal J. Fox's map

Map of the world that Tanner's story takes place in. A better quality image will be posted once I actually have time to scan it. But that won't be for quite some time. :P The countries are (East/West) Grannigar, Calidon, Argaria, Turodel, Truvalu (which is pronounced "Troo-va-loo"), Inados and Lazaran. The oceans are Mertemps, Merdi, Merest, Merte and Merost.

Ahhhh, um, several cities and ports are put on the map, but there'll be more info on them when I make the actual guide book. So you'll have to wait until then. Or ask me in person, because god knows I can babble on endlessly about this project.

06 December, 2008

Character Sheets

Wow, it's been a while since I updated. I was busy writing my novel for National Novel Writing Month. The following character sheets feature the characters from the novel and future Senior Project. They also double as part of a final for this semester. For those of you who know the full range of my characters and mythology, there are a number of easter-eggs hidden within these designs. Can you name any of them? :)

Tanner Fox (12), the main character. He's shy around new people but eager to learn, especially when it comes to mechanics.

Marni Praharaj (13), something of a princess where she comes from, and very much acts like it. She's technically not part of the Cercyon's crew but often tags along.

Captain Regoose (28), captain of the Cercyon airsea ship. He hates his last name and does not like to be called by it. The Captain is often outspoken but is actually a huge coward.

Kurori Cadassi (22), first mate of the Cercyon. He is dedicated to his work and usually takes over for the Captain.

Anne Matthews (24), quartermaster for the Cercyon. She challenges the Captain's cowardice often and does not mind speaking out of her rank; this is acceptable only because of her and the Captain's (non-romantic) history. She hates giving out money on paydays.

Edward Heights (31), carpenter and boatswain of the Cercyon. He usually goes by his last name. Heights is very serious when it comes to keeping the Cercyon in tip-top shape and was annoyed when the Captain assigned Tanner as his assistant.

Lucas DeMar (20), master gunner of the Cercyon. He's not the biggest fan of authority (in this case, Kurori), but knows when to be serious. He also very much loves The Four Whiskers' signature drink (it's non-alcoholic).

Simon Cadassi (15), doctor and youngest decorated crew member of the Cercyon. He's Tanner's best friend. He frowns a lot and Tanner has a hard time telling when he's joking around. Simon's past is immensely complex and mysterious for someone as young as him.

Rook (??) is the Cercyon's Corvid ambassador, and is used for reconnaissance missions while they're at sea. Not much is known about him.

Oren (26) is the Cercyon's Mera ambassador. He can walk on land if he feels the need, and comes to think of Tanner and Marni as his siblings. He is the only member of the Cercyon who is happily married, to his wife, Eria.