21 October, 2008

Autumn '08

Here's the final product of an image I've been working on. Is it easier to understand? I hope so. :) Adelle and Kurori (who hasn't been drawn in such a long time!) in modern clothes.

15 October, 2008

The Tragic Tale of Mr. Sneezes

Homework assignment from mid-September. The story is an excerpt from Stitches, altered in order to meet the requirements for the assignment - the dog doesn't die in the real story. :)

14 October, 2008

ValleySCARE 2008

Hahahaha, so I love standing out front because this is pretty much how I imagine guests' image of our maze enterance to be. I'm not very good at caricatures, though. :P

13 October, 2008

Some Stuff that Doesn't Suck

More Kama, from that day when I couldn't stop drawing him.


Adelle with her hair down! A rare sight indeed.

Some characters from a story called 'Stitches', one of whom was featured in comic homework that has not been scanned yet. :P

"Lolita Butterfly", a dress I am working on. It's part of a series of lolita bugs, the other three being Lolita Moth, Lolita Ladybug and Mr. Dragonfly. I haven't found anyone yet to be the Ladybug, but I will eventually. :)

06 October, 2008

A different kind of snake.

Um, recovering from last post... Have something a little more normal.

It's a snake, Form-Z-newbie style. :)

04 October, 2008

The Mask (NSFW)

HAHAHA, oh god don't think I'm a weirdo. Enjoy this!

(Yeah, he's a reoccuring, absolutely batshit insane character of mine. This is tame.)