31 August, 2008

Wy-not? (sorry.. horrible pun..)

Something new! Wyatt.. He is amusing to me, all sittin' in the sewers glaring at nothing. OR IS HE GLARING AT SOMETHING?! I just don't know.

Critiques appreciated. :)

28 August, 2008

Exploding Box Kitties

Hah. An hour-long in class assignment; "What's In The Box?"

I have no freaking clue where this one came from. Oh well, people seemed to enjoy it. Characters are spontaneous.

13 August, 2008

Otakon 2008

Yaaay, Otakon 2008 was a huge blast! :) My friends and I are planning to go next year.

As I promised, here are some photos of my outfits. The first is my EGA (Elegent Gothic Aristocrat) costume, which got a lot of compliments and flattery. A lot of people thought I was from something in this dress.. :)

I'm the Pikachu... obviously. :3 I also made my an Ash vest for one friend and the accessories for an Azurill costume of another friend (both not photoed).

I'd love to make more costumes for next year, and some friends and I are planning a Tusbasa/xxxHolic cosplay. :) I also have some more original designs I'd love to do; those are infinitely complex and I'm looking forward to making them.

Likewise, I want to start taking costume commissions. Not on dresses, because I don't have enough confidence in that department... but I'm planning on making "mini hats" and "character ears" to sell next year along with the traditional 'magnets, badges, key chains and prints'.

I started working on some "things to sell" already, since I know I'll have less and less time as the year drags on. Here's a Pikachu from the 3-character Pokemon keychain/sticker set (the others are Shaymin and Mew).