17 July, 2008

Best years of our lives~

Well, it's been a while since my last post; I've been busy with my internship, vacationing, and costume-making. All of which are going great. :) Though costume making is taking a while. It ended up that I need three costumes for Otakon, but that's fine.. haha. I just have little time to do them all in. :) I've actually been ungodly busy every day since coming back to Jersey. It's been really fun, though!

I though I'd take a break between internship work and costuming to draw something fun. I'm going to Hawaii on Sunday, huzzah!

If only I actually got this tan.... though my hair really does get super blonde in the sun. My aunt told us to basically just bring a swimsuit and shorts as that is what we will be living in for the ten days we're there. I find little wrong with this plan.

If this vacation is anything like our trip to San Diego/Disneyland, there will be a steady amount of drinking. Again, I find little wrong with this.