18 June, 2008

After 200 hours, it does this to you.

I'm not sure when I'll be posting next, due to a multitude of vacationing and costume-making, so have this little sketch. :)

17 June, 2008

Webcomics for all!

Hi! Sorry, no art today!! :( I've been busy moving and.. and also playing Pokemon. I have only a few of 'em left to catch.. Only about 50. Bwah ha ha. I've been very distracted by upcoming summer plans. Expect to see some costumes and cosplay popping up in here within the next few weeks!

Anyway, in lieu of having art, I thought I'd provide links to the amazing webcomics that I read.

This Is Not Fiction! - Amazing art, very funny, also a little slash-tastic (so tread carefully if you don't like that stuff).

Better Days - This one is.. probably well known in certain circles, but I do not run with them so it's on the down-low to me and mine. Anyway, Jay Naylor has probably some of the most touching story lines I've ever read. Bring a tissue. It's made of furries, so if you have an ish with anthromorphs, you may wanna avoid. It's worth sucking it up for the stories, though.

Alternate - ..Yeah I'm pretty sure if my brain could be a two-dimensional experience, it would read something like Alternate. I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Quite possibly my new favourite. Made of crack! :D

Honeydew Syndrome - Fantastic art, fantastic characters, a lot of slash, and a bittersweet story line. Definitely one worth following!

Minus - Another webcomic with beautiful, simple art and touching stories. Read it, it's all I can really say.