08 December, 2008

Colonal J. Fox's map

Map of the world that Tanner's story takes place in. A better quality image will be posted once I actually have time to scan it. But that won't be for quite some time. :P The countries are (East/West) Grannigar, Calidon, Argaria, Turodel, Truvalu (which is pronounced "Troo-va-loo"), Inados and Lazaran. The oceans are Mertemps, Merdi, Merest, Merte and Merost.

Ahhhh, um, several cities and ports are put on the map, but there'll be more info on them when I make the actual guide book. So you'll have to wait until then. Or ask me in person, because god knows I can babble on endlessly about this project.

06 December, 2008

Character Sheets

Wow, it's been a while since I updated. I was busy writing my novel for National Novel Writing Month. The following character sheets feature the characters from the novel and future Senior Project. They also double as part of a final for this semester. For those of you who know the full range of my characters and mythology, there are a number of easter-eggs hidden within these designs. Can you name any of them? :)

Tanner Fox (12), the main character. He's shy around new people but eager to learn, especially when it comes to mechanics.

Marni Praharaj (13), something of a princess where she comes from, and very much acts like it. She's technically not part of the Cercyon's crew but often tags along.

Captain Regoose (28), captain of the Cercyon airsea ship. He hates his last name and does not like to be called by it. The Captain is often outspoken but is actually a huge coward.

Kurori Cadassi (22), first mate of the Cercyon. He is dedicated to his work and usually takes over for the Captain.

Anne Matthews (24), quartermaster for the Cercyon. She challenges the Captain's cowardice often and does not mind speaking out of her rank; this is acceptable only because of her and the Captain's (non-romantic) history. She hates giving out money on paydays.

Edward Heights (31), carpenter and boatswain of the Cercyon. He usually goes by his last name. Heights is very serious when it comes to keeping the Cercyon in tip-top shape and was annoyed when the Captain assigned Tanner as his assistant.

Lucas DeMar (20), master gunner of the Cercyon. He's not the biggest fan of authority (in this case, Kurori), but knows when to be serious. He also very much loves The Four Whiskers' signature drink (it's non-alcoholic).

Simon Cadassi (15), doctor and youngest decorated crew member of the Cercyon. He's Tanner's best friend. He frowns a lot and Tanner has a hard time telling when he's joking around. Simon's past is immensely complex and mysterious for someone as young as him.

Rook (??) is the Cercyon's Corvid ambassador, and is used for reconnaissance missions while they're at sea. Not much is known about him.

Oren (26) is the Cercyon's Mera ambassador. He can walk on land if he feels the need, and comes to think of Tanner and Marni as his siblings. He is the only member of the Cercyon who is happily married, to his wife, Eria.

02 November, 2008

Things from around the block

Two page assignment about unrelated text and imagery. The purpose was to find the places where the text still links up to the pictures.


Doodle of Manna after I decided to write her and her cohorts out of the story. SAD. This is probably one of the only times I've drawn her seriously this year. :(


Well. I don't think I could have drawn a more appropriate image of him if I tried. That's... that's really all there is to say. I like dressing him up in current trends, considering he doesn't usually wear much. And is from a story set six hundred years ago. ...Ssh.

21 October, 2008

Autumn '08

Here's the final product of an image I've been working on. Is it easier to understand? I hope so. :) Adelle and Kurori (who hasn't been drawn in such a long time!) in modern clothes.

15 October, 2008

The Tragic Tale of Mr. Sneezes

Homework assignment from mid-September. The story is an excerpt from Stitches, altered in order to meet the requirements for the assignment - the dog doesn't die in the real story. :)

14 October, 2008

ValleySCARE 2008

Hahahaha, so I love standing out front because this is pretty much how I imagine guests' image of our maze enterance to be. I'm not very good at caricatures, though. :P

13 October, 2008

Some Stuff that Doesn't Suck

More Kama, from that day when I couldn't stop drawing him.


Adelle with her hair down! A rare sight indeed.

Some characters from a story called 'Stitches', one of whom was featured in comic homework that has not been scanned yet. :P

"Lolita Butterfly", a dress I am working on. It's part of a series of lolita bugs, the other three being Lolita Moth, Lolita Ladybug and Mr. Dragonfly. I haven't found anyone yet to be the Ladybug, but I will eventually. :)

06 October, 2008

A different kind of snake.

Um, recovering from last post... Have something a little more normal.

It's a snake, Form-Z-newbie style. :)

04 October, 2008

The Mask (NSFW)

HAHAHA, oh god don't think I'm a weirdo. Enjoy this!

(Yeah, he's a reoccuring, absolutely batshit insane character of mine. This is tame.)

27 September, 2008

And now for something completely different (ha! I am witty)

So one of the four classes I'm taking this semester is a ten week crash course on digital modeling using FormZ. It is QUITE POSSIBLY the hardest thing I've ever done. Our assignment this week was to make something organic (though it didn't have to be an identifiable object), so I decided to try and make a fishy.

It was super hard and it's not at ALL what I set out to make, but I felt I'd share anyway. I learned a lot which I suppose is the most important thing, haha.

It was initially going to be a koi, but I could not get the dang body to move right. So it's just a pill fish. Or torpedo fish, if you want. It's also probably hard to see (the lighting effects are agony), but all the fins curl a lot. That was the hardest to do, actually, and what I'm most pleased with even though they're still pretty stiff.

I'll post something with substance eventually, but I want to show off the torpedo fish since I'm pretty proud of myself for finishing it without throwing my computer out a window. :D

23 September, 2008

Happy Autumn! 8D

...Yuuuup. >_>

Kama. He's a jackass who really would wear that shirt... and then push people down the stairs all day. He basically just loves his boyfriend. Though he'd probably push him down the stairs, too. Japan teaches me about healthy relationships! 8D

I adore him. I've been drawing him in various situations all day. D:

16 September, 2008

Septembermas Terror 08...??

Hahahahahahaha... So this happened today. >_>

(even bigger better version here)

In case you missed it every other year, it's a demi-sequel to this - part one (NSFW), part two and part three.

Nooo, I'm not actually letting my Christmas-loving alter-ego run free just quite yet. The deal was November. Today was just an isolated incident (mostly Stars's fault). Lets see if I can hold out till Turkey Day. >_>

09 September, 2008

A couple of things~

First off I wanted to share Magnetosphere, which is a huuuuuge file, so be patient. It's a beautiful video, though. Puts me in a trance. :D

Then I wanted to give you links to the texture sites I use for my digital work. Mayang's Free Texture Library was my main one, but they're down right now and don't look like they're coming back any time soon. Keep an eye on them, though, because the textures they have are great. The other one is CG Textures, a huge library with images in a variety of resolutions. Totally worth hitting up.

Also, the place I use most for reference images and textures..? Deviantart. I know, I know, it's a horrible trolling ground for tweens who think they can draw anime, but it's also a great resource for stock images and has surprisingly been a huge help when looking for references. It's a bit easier to navigate now, too, which is a plus.

Anyway, on to arts! Make sure you click to see 'em bigger. :D

A birthday gift for my very best friend Rini, who turned 20 on Sunday. :3 It has gold all over it IRL and is really shiney.

Here be my comic homework from this week. I was really surprised with how well it was received. o.O I didn't think it was that great at all... but I really appreciated all the compliments. :3 The characters are very loosely Adelle and Wyatt, but I don't think they'd ever be this, um.. cute? Either way I was in the mood to draw them.

04 September, 2008

Aang Commission

Whoo, today I feel the chill of autumn! Huzzah!

So here we have a commission for a friend of mine. ...Started this one in December and only just finished it. >_> ....There was a lot going on..

I'm only vaguely happy with it. The drawing itself, as well as the colouring for Aang and the sheep, is from December. There are a number of issues overall, but the full size image is like 6000x8000 or something obscene like that and my computer can't process it that well. I eventually lost the will to fight. D: It's so large because she wanted a big poster of it. ^^'

Also, all the green of this illustration hurts my eyes against the red of the layout... I'm sorry if you have the same problem.. >.<

03 September, 2008

Something New I Found

Uuunnngg, I have some things from summer to upload but I'm too lazy to scan them (and am busy with a commission right now).

So until then, here's Gunnerkrieg Court, a webcomic by Tom Siddell. Absoloutly fantastic, go check it out!

My list of costumes is growing, but I don't have a sewing machine yet... Still, it's really fantastic when I figure out how to go about something (in terms of making my own patterns, that is). Problem solving is my fave; I should have been a scientist. D:

Speaking of new things, Sam and I discovered Bounen no Xamdou (or X'amd: Lost Memories), a new anime that's animated by the same people who did the Fullmetal Alchemist series. The animation alone is fantastic, but the story is mesmerizing. Very melancholy, but worth a download. They're only on episode seven thusfar.

31 August, 2008

Wy-not? (sorry.. horrible pun..)

Something new! Wyatt.. He is amusing to me, all sittin' in the sewers glaring at nothing. OR IS HE GLARING AT SOMETHING?! I just don't know.

Critiques appreciated. :)

28 August, 2008

Exploding Box Kitties

Hah. An hour-long in class assignment; "What's In The Box?"

I have no freaking clue where this one came from. Oh well, people seemed to enjoy it. Characters are spontaneous.

13 August, 2008

Otakon 2008

Yaaay, Otakon 2008 was a huge blast! :) My friends and I are planning to go next year.

As I promised, here are some photos of my outfits. The first is my EGA (Elegent Gothic Aristocrat) costume, which got a lot of compliments and flattery. A lot of people thought I was from something in this dress.. :)

I'm the Pikachu... obviously. :3 I also made my an Ash vest for one friend and the accessories for an Azurill costume of another friend (both not photoed).

I'd love to make more costumes for next year, and some friends and I are planning a Tusbasa/xxxHolic cosplay. :) I also have some more original designs I'd love to do; those are infinitely complex and I'm looking forward to making them.

Likewise, I want to start taking costume commissions. Not on dresses, because I don't have enough confidence in that department... but I'm planning on making "mini hats" and "character ears" to sell next year along with the traditional 'magnets, badges, key chains and prints'.

I started working on some "things to sell" already, since I know I'll have less and less time as the year drags on. Here's a Pikachu from the 3-character Pokemon keychain/sticker set (the others are Shaymin and Mew).

17 July, 2008

Best years of our lives~

Well, it's been a while since my last post; I've been busy with my internship, vacationing, and costume-making. All of which are going great. :) Though costume making is taking a while. It ended up that I need three costumes for Otakon, but that's fine.. haha. I just have little time to do them all in. :) I've actually been ungodly busy every day since coming back to Jersey. It's been really fun, though!

I though I'd take a break between internship work and costuming to draw something fun. I'm going to Hawaii on Sunday, huzzah!

If only I actually got this tan.... though my hair really does get super blonde in the sun. My aunt told us to basically just bring a swimsuit and shorts as that is what we will be living in for the ten days we're there. I find little wrong with this plan.

If this vacation is anything like our trip to San Diego/Disneyland, there will be a steady amount of drinking. Again, I find little wrong with this.

18 June, 2008

After 200 hours, it does this to you.

I'm not sure when I'll be posting next, due to a multitude of vacationing and costume-making, so have this little sketch. :)

17 June, 2008

Webcomics for all!

Hi! Sorry, no art today!! :( I've been busy moving and.. and also playing Pokemon. I have only a few of 'em left to catch.. Only about 50. Bwah ha ha. I've been very distracted by upcoming summer plans. Expect to see some costumes and cosplay popping up in here within the next few weeks!

Anyway, in lieu of having art, I thought I'd provide links to the amazing webcomics that I read.

This Is Not Fiction! - Amazing art, very funny, also a little slash-tastic (so tread carefully if you don't like that stuff).

Better Days - This one is.. probably well known in certain circles, but I do not run with them so it's on the down-low to me and mine. Anyway, Jay Naylor has probably some of the most touching story lines I've ever read. Bring a tissue. It's made of furries, so if you have an ish with anthromorphs, you may wanna avoid. It's worth sucking it up for the stories, though.

Alternate - ..Yeah I'm pretty sure if my brain could be a two-dimensional experience, it would read something like Alternate. I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Quite possibly my new favourite. Made of crack! :D

Honeydew Syndrome - Fantastic art, fantastic characters, a lot of slash, and a bittersweet story line. Definitely one worth following!

Minus - Another webcomic with beautiful, simple art and touching stories. Read it, it's all I can really say.

31 May, 2008

Some art before the move

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates. Lately my time has been poured into catching all 493 Pokemon rather then drawing. Yes, yes, I know this is a vast waste of my time. Regardless, I want the bragging rights, so there you go. I have 360 so far.

Whatever remaining time I have has been put into my internship or to moving. We're moving about 10 minutes away from where we are right now, and we're moving tomorrow. It's a much nicer neighborhood. Our new place has a tanning room, lol.

Anyway, have some art! Lately my scanner has been picking up scratches and eraser marks that have bruised the paper. I cleaned up the digital versions as best I could, but I couldn't get them all. My scanner is just about to die, and our other one is already packed up. My poor scanner. It's lived a nice, healthy life of 7 years! I'm gonna miss it when it's gone.

Comments are under each picture.

These guys are all characters in my senior project novel. I still have about 3 more to design, and I'm not happy with the design of the kid in the lower left-hand corner. :/ He's a toughie. You may recognize him from the previous post, but his personality has done a complete 180. I'd go as far to say that they're really not the same characters anymore. Pyaan, the kid from last post, is going to be set aside to just be a functionless character of mine. This 'new' kid is named Tabby.

I've also been having a tough time naming characters. I need a name for the shaggy looking guy in the middle (who is far more happier here then he usually is), as well as a good pirate captain name, and I need a name for the villain. Other then that the majour characters and places *finally* have a name to them. I'd been working on names for a good two weeks now. Usually it doesn't take me that long especially when I like the characters.

Par usual, they're vaguely based on people I know (personality wise)... but I won't tell anyone who is whom! :)

I'll happily take any suggestions for names if you have them!


In the spirit of playing too much Pokemon, I started working on some things for cons. Well, for when I start doing cons again. I think I'm going to make these keychains.. or stickers or something. Anyway, the only one I really like is the Pikachu. I'll figure out which other ones to do later.

14 May, 2008


Huzzah, sketches! I tend to ramble about my work but hopefully I'll keep a lot of this stuff short. Most of this was drawn over the course of the past week-ish, but I've been messing with characters and character designs for the past two days. Expect more character things soon! :)

Comments are underneath each picture.

Adelle and Kurori, who are absolutely crazy for one-another. It's a little annoying actually. But it's also a good opportunity to practice drawing things like this. :P


Greylock... I was trying to decide what his 'good' and 'bad' sides look like, but decided to scrap the whole thing and make him a 100% baddie. He's deceptively fun to draw!


In the middle is Pyaan... Sorry for the boring pose, I was trying to figure out his character. :P Anyway, he's a cabin boy of sorts. His character got changed around a lot, but since I still am bent on eventually writing a love story with him in it, he needs to exist. However, in the story I'm focused in on right now, I don't actually think he plays a part. Pardon my doodles of Manna and real!Kona-bunny.


The beginning of a character sheet for Adelle. Since this is a style I'm sort of "new" to, I haven't quite figured out how to do expressions with it. I'm sure expression sheets will come along shortly. :P There are 19 characters sheets for Temerity I want to do, but once again that has bee put on the back-burner for another project. Oh well.


Fanart? From me, she who despises such displays of fangirlism? So it would seem... Um. So I totally love Gretta, except for the fact that she speaks in the third person. I guess they were playing hide and seek or something but after a while when her fathers didn't find her, she went to find them. :P The bunny is something that Gretta made in one of the OVAs.. Some how it seemed appropriate she'd give it to Wolfram. I may just finish this one day.. Maybe.


It's Oannes! :D He's a new character, and this was me messing with his character design (don't mind the flaws; this is all subject to change). Part of a new thing.. Something I want to use for my senior project. :) I've already started writing it... exciting! :D He's not a main character, though. Well, not really. He's named for a Babylonian merman lord or something like that. The arc from his arm to his side in the small profile is just to measure where his fingertips would fall.