27 February, 2011

Then And Now: Senior Project

I love it when artists wait a few years then re-do something they put a lot of time and effort into to judge their degree of improvement. So I totally did just that!

Above is the new version. I took the same concept sketch (rather then several other concepts I had done at the time) and reworked it. I am pretty satisfied with the results! It was a good learning experience if anything, and that is really invaluable. I liked working this way a lot and would like to continue working this way in the future.

Below is the old version, from 2009. It was part of my senior project. I'm actually revisiting the whole project.

08 February, 2011

Time to dust off this blog.

You know what I need to post in more? This blog.

Here's a sample of work that I've done since I last updated!

(February 2011)

(December 2010)

(December 2010)

22 July, 2010

Couple of things I've been working on

Some product for conventions.

02 May, 2010

Gillian and Ty

Happy May!

A $15 commission done for some friends. (:

26 April, 2010

Got some catching up to do!

It's been a long time since I last updated! A lot has happened since February, specifically in the art department. I didn't update too much in March seeing as I was finishing the buffer for my webcomic, and didn't have too much to share. At the time of my last update I had about 30 (of 43) comic pages yet to draw, ink, and color. I didn't finish that until the middle of April, pulling all-nighters near the end, but I did some other art in tandem with the comic.

This art was all posted on my private blog from the beginning of March through earlier today. Most of it is convention product; the top being a series of original characters to be turned into pins. I started the process of making them into charms today, and they look great! They all have names and a "story", but it's not all that important; just an extra tidbit for me to use as inspiration for their appearance. The bottom two Pokemon are preliminary artwork for a series of "animal mascot" buttons. Of course there the obligatory self-portraits that I do as warm-up and as a means of starting conversation. Warm-up sketches are a lot of fun! Maybe one day I'll post more of them.

As the convention season is gearing up, a lot of the artwork I'll be doing is product for those shows. That doesn't mean I won't be doing other art, though, and I look forward to posting more then once every other month! (:

14 February, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines promo-type of thing for Into The Orchard. Since I long ago removed all traces of romance from the story and haven't exactly introduced many characters yet, it was a little difficult to come up with something. Tabby is a notorious lady-chaser, so I'm sure he would love this holiday.

An older version of him, because I'm sick of drawing him as a kid. This picture caused me a lot of agony. :I What was supposed to be simple and easy kind of turned out to be more of a project then I had expected. I'm frustrated with the results, but it's just a motivator to try hard next time!

10 February, 2010

Short Challenge #2 - Thanks To You

"Thanks to you, I'm not alone."

Another weekly prompt from the original work community. This week's prompt was a photo of a puppy.

I've always been a cat person. At the same time, I've always been just as fond of a dog's loyalty to the people it loves. Stories like that of Hachiko or Balto make me cry because, let's face it, I'm just that awesome. Now that I think about it, this is a pretty angsty picture. I didn't draw it with the intention of it being a sad thing, if that makes sense. The grayscale doesn't really help... but I don't have time for a color picture this week.